A Walk In The Woods

One of the things I really like to do every now and then, especially if life has been a bit harder than usual or I need to clear my head, is to take a walk in the countryside. I really like woodland, there’s something calming and refreshing about the woods for me.

A little to the North of us is a large wood called la Forêt Domaniale de Verrières, which I’ve wanted to visit even before we arrived! It’s about 35 minutes walk to the nearest corner, though, so I had not had the time to get to it…

Until today. The forecast was for heavy continuous rain. I was determined not to be put off, so on went the waterproof overtrousers and the waterproof shoes and the waterproof coat and my trusty hat. Thirty five minutes later I arrived at the beginning of the woods:

01 A few minutes further on I reached the access track I’d chosen, here it is looking back down to the road and then up past some vegetable patches:

0204The veggies were soon left behind:


Winter woods are not that exciting, I grant you, but to me it was a taste of heaven! I skirted round the edge of the escarpment for a while before choosing a descent path, very steep to begin with, then becoming very pleasant:


This gave out into a lovely valley:

20160213_11321720160213_113107All too soon it was time to head back home… but with a lighter heart and a refreshed spirit.

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