Do We Really Need To Pray?

Why bother praying for those who don’t yet know Jesus as Saviour? Why bother praying for France? What’s the point? God knows all about the French people, surely? Why should it make a difference for us to pester Him about them? It’s not logical!


JO Fraser was a missionary to the tribal areas of the border area between China and Burma, with the China Inland Mission. His biographer, Mrs Howard Taylor**, wrote:

“Repeatedly he had had occasion to notice the difference between people and places that had been much prayed for and those that had not. In the former, half the work seemed to be done already, as if an unseen ally had gone ahead to prepare the way. This made him not only persevere in prayer himself, whether he felt like it or not, but impelled him to induce and encourage Christians at home to pray.”

Fraser himself wrote:

“I really believe that if every particle of prayer put up by the home churches on behalf of the infant churches of the mission field were removed, the latter would be swamped by an incoming flood of the powers of darkness. This seems actually to have happened in Church history…”

Yes, it makes a difference. Prayer makes all the difference! Without faithful and persistent and passionate prayer there will be no breakthrough in France.

The flood of the powers of darkness is real enough in France at the moment. But our prayers can push back that flood, through the power of the name of Jesus.

Please, will you pray for France? Please, will you pray more for France? Please, please, will you pray even more for France?

Let’s keep on praying for a breakthrough in France!

** Behind the Ranges, Mrs Howard Taylor, OMF Books, 1944 and many reprints. Highly recommended.