Definitely (Not)

How to brighten your teacher’s day: give her something to laugh at! One day last week our wonderful teacher Julienne asked me a question. I replied confidently “Definatellement !” Cue a spontaneous roar of laughter from the whole class. Julienne in particular seemed moved to tears by my eloquence.

“Good pronunciation, Chris,” she encouraged “but it’s not a French word.” Oops. This is the third or fourth time I’ve done the same thing in class: try to invent a new French word. Except this time I was 100% convinced it was a real French word.

Ah well, maybe I should try to get a job with L’Académie française, the organisation which guards the French language and considers, very carefully, if any changes or additions (or, horror of horrors, deletions!) should be made. Perhaps they would value my insights… or not.

We both have tests this week. In my class the major one was this morning. Plus another unannounced one. Tomorrow Joanna has her major test, and each person in my class has to make a presentation on one aspect of all that we’ve covered to date. And I’ve another test to come at some “Surprise!” time in the week.

We are both feeling a bit numb in the brain department to be honest, and are really really looking forward to the end of term (Friday: we get a week off). What we’re experiencing is par for the course: someone in my class who started in September told me that for the last two weeks of that term he was almost brain-dead: he stopped doing homework and when asked a question in class it was rabbit-in-headlights time. That was an 8-week term, this one is 6 weeks; I know I’d be the same if I had to do another two weeks.

However, and it is a very big however, the style of teaching, hard as it is for the students, does get results. It works. And the teachers are really good. And we’re doing it for the glory and advancement of the Kingdom of God.

4 thoughts on “Definitely (Not)”

  1. Have just read through all your posts since Dec !!!!! Such an insight – hope you’ve had a good rest over the past week and that you feel a bit more rested. How is Joanna bearing up? Her various skeletal issues? Any progress? Please pray for Joy – she hasn’t been at all well as far as we can gather, since her b’day on 17th. We’ve had a ghastly virus which is working its way through the church and town – Andrew still feeling exhausted – otherwise we are well and having a few days in a cottage in Sussex – this Thursday – Sunday. God is good. Much love from us both, Catrin xxx


    1. Hi Catrin (and Andrew)! Great to hear from you. We are really enjoying our week’s break, it is much needed. Joanna is in Bromley to visit her family; her arms/back etc are not too bad at the moment. Just spoken to her on the phone. I am holding the fort in Massy. Thanks for update on Joy, will pray, for you two also as you take holiday: have a great time.


  2. Love the gaffe Chris. Good to speak to Joanna on Thursday. She will explain my non life-threatening woes. Got some tablets now and the sooner they get into the system the better! All the very best for your next term. Glad you feel it is a good system, even if it is punishing. Love to you both, Joy


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