Grey… Tepid… Orange

It’s a grey day in Massy today: cloudy, windy, with heavy rain forecast for the afternoon.

We’re also a bit grey physically today. As you can imagine, with over 50 students plus their children plus the teaching and admin staff in a relatively small building, germs fly around École des Cèdres fairly rapidly. We both have colds, but need to plough on as we have a lot to do.

We both have tests next week (they will be every couple of weeks from now on, which is good for us in the long run but means lots of work revising!). I am sharing at our class’s short service (culte en classe: culte means religious service) on Monday afternoon (my bit is 15-20 mins), so need to prepare for that: I have the outline, but need to work it up in French and find some visual aids.

This evening is the culte of the Assemblée de Dieu Church plant here in Massy, which we’re looking forward to. The stiff uphill start to the walk there might even help our colds!

Tepid? Orange? We’ve been having water troubles in our flat. For a while the drains have been emptying rather slowly; a notice outside our block says the engineers are coming to sort this out on 11 February. The other issue is that this week our hot water has been varying from stone cold to tepid to, occasionally, actually hot. And sometimes it’s orange too… We have no information on a possible fix for that unfortunately.

Ah, must go, Joanna tells me the water is hot at the moment so must take a shower while I can…

2 thoughts on “Grey… Tepid… Orange”

  1. Hello Chris and Joanna,
    Hope the culte at the ADD went well last night, and that preparations for your contribution on Monday are progressing.
    We know only too well how frustrating the unpredictability of some services in France can be. I was in the middle of typing this yesterday when the internet connection went down – again!! – and stayed off all day. We have been having problems since mid-November, and the users forum is full of complaints of loss of connection … We also find that where we are (admittedly in a very rural location) the water pressure can fluctuate without notice or apparent reason. If we didn’t believe that God has called us here, we might be packing up and heading back to the UK!
    Trust that your studies and tests go well this week. Keep Philippians 4 v.13 in your hearts and minds.


    Jim and Pat Scott


    1. Hi Jim and Pat,
      The culte last night went well and I’m pleased to say i was able to complete my preparation for Monday yesterday. Phil 4:13 is one of the texts I used 🙂 Thanks for your encouragement.


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