Massy In The Snow

It snowed here overnight on Wednesday, so when we awoke on Thursday (21st) and looked out of the window the world was white! Here’s a few photos from our walk to school that morning (excuse the, err, impressionistic effects!

snow1snow2snow3snow4The last one shows Joanna’s new school bag: yep, it’s un caddie, otherwise known as a shopping trolley. It does double duty for our trips to the supermarket, but look who gets to pull it!

On Wednesday, after a couple of days of struggling in really cold weather with my fairly thin fleece, I gave in and found a thicker and pleasantly cheap fleece jacket in Cora. It was especially welcome the next morning!

Here’s the view from our balcony Thursday lunchtime:

snow5The lake is still mostly frozen over.

Now the snow is all gone and we’ve warmed up a little. Ah well: back to the revision: I have another test on Thursday (mainly featuring the subjonctif and imperatif).

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