Launch Approaches…


Yes… scary or what? Last week we sat down and wrote out our to-do list of things we needed or wanted to do before we leave for France. I just checked and although a lot of things have been crossed off, there are still a total of 65 items on the list. Gulp.

One of the triumphs has been ordering our French SIMS for our mobile phones, from Free (I wish it was, but it’s good value nevertheless). Very easy to do online, and the SIMs should be waiting for us when we arrive at Les Cèdres. We get a huge data allowance (50GB/month), so will be using our phones as mifi devices to get internet connectivity in the flat, saving the cost of broadband and a landline.

A not so triumphant moment was in Bromley High Street yesterday. We’d been out for lunch to celebrate our anniversary (16 years: Joanna’s a brave and wonderful woman!) and had temporarily gone separate ways to do things before meeting up again. I walked out of the restaurant thinking “Hmmm, feel quite full for such a simple meal.” A minute of two later it was “I don’t feel too well” and by the time I got to the bottom of the High Street I felt very unwell indeed.

Thank you so much, Dreams, for letting me sit down and providing a couple of glasses of water, while Joanna went to get the car. After a few hours sitting calmly at home and drinking lots of water I felt much better. Back to 100% now. I won’t tell you where we lunched, but we won’t be returning!

OK, back to that to-do list. Next up: RIP some more CDs from the music collection (can’t justify space to store CDs!).

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