We had a wonderful holiday in Southern Spain,  just outside a small town called Álora, in the hills about 45 minutes inland from Malaga.

Pan_IMG_4544This is a panorama from the top of the garden of the villa we stayed in. The weather was warm and sunny, just like this, every day. The pool was just a little cool for a dip though.

It was so relaxing exploring the countryside and the towns. From the charm of ancient Antequera… antequera2   …with its cool Moorish-themed courtyards…

antequera…to the wild pine-scented mountains…

spainmountains…and amazing lakes…

spainlakes…to the sophistication and bustle of Malaga…

malagaronda-newbridge…and the sheer wonder of the Puente Nuevo (New Bridge, completed in 1793) in Ronda.

We’d thoroughly recommend the area to anyone needing a relaxing break.

It was strange trying to pick up our few words and phrases of Spanish after many years, and we nearly launched out in French a few times by mistake!

Thank you, Lord, for refreshing us so amazingly.






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