A Quick Catch-Up

This purpose of this post is to fill in some holes regarding what we have been up to in the last  two years or so.

As this post describes, in early 2017 we expected to be moving to live and work in Amiens. However, it became apparent that this was not God’s plan, as we were unable to find anywhwere to live!

Unexpectedly, we then spent 7 weeks in Clermont-de-l’Oise, working with Église la Source and getting to know the people there. Not very long into this time we strongly felt that God wanted us to move longer-term to Clermont: this was the place He wanted us to be. Of course, that left us with the same issue as in Amiens: how to find somewhere to live when you have no employment or track-record in France!

Well, God provided us with somewhere to live, in a miraculous way. Not just somewhere that “would do,” but a flat with a perfect layout and size in a wonderful location. It’s just like God to not do the bare minimum but to say “Ta-da! See what I can do for you if you trust Me?!”

We moved lock stock and barrel to Clermont in July 2017, after the final stages of a very radical clear-out of our belongings!

We spent the next year and a bit very heavily involved in our local church: prayer activities, small groups, teaching, evangelism… all the while improving our French in real life situations. We also continued the work that our Pastor, John Paul, had begun in teaching English to adults through the local library. Joanna also works with John Paul’s wife, Stephanie, to teach English to children, also through the library. It’s really enjoyable and satisfying to be able to help the community of Clermont in this way as volunteers.

Since we came to Clermont our hearts had always been centred on the Plateau Picard: the rural area north of us, between Clermont and Amiens. In the autumn of 2018 it became clear that this was where God wanted us to focus more and more of our attention.

What happened then? Stay tuned…

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