That’s what the people of Massy are called, apparently. So that’s what we are now: Massicois! The trip went fine on Tuesday, we arrived a little earlier than expected, got the keys to our studio flat and unloaded.

It was wonderful to have our friends with us, for their company and encouragement, and some good laughs, but also for several trips to the local hypermarket, Cora (which is absolutely huge and sells just about everything you can imagine!).

Day by day we are settling in more, getting the flat re-arranged, unpacking and finding homes for everything… The flat is bigger than we had expected and is very comfortable for us.

It’s funny how you don’t get a feel for a place until you walk round it a bit. Massy is quite small, and we are right in the centre of town, close to the Mairie (Town Hall) and Police Station. There are four boulangeries (bakeries) within 4 or 5 minutes walk: us Massicois really do like our bread and pastries! It’s just 10 minutes walk to our language school, Les Cèdres, and the same to Cora. All very convenient.

God is good to us. With every hour this is more like home, and it’s exactly where He wants us.

I’ll post some photos soon.

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