Let’s Dream Big Dreams For God!

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When a Disciple Making Movement (DMM) is launched it is normal to take time to pray, do research, establish a strategy and to plan. It’s really important to discover where God is working in the project area and to join Him in those places. DMM is about obeying God, sacrificing our plans to His will.

DMM practitioners find that the process of praying and planning often takes several months. When they begin prayer walking and engaging with communities in the project area, they expect to encounter delays and false starts. But, from the time that they find the first real entry person, it is often three months more before they see the first people become Christians.

We are used to evangelism methods which give instant results. Some suggest we can have a 3-minute conversation at the supermarket checkout after which the checkout person can become a Christian! That would be wonderful, but in DMM God uses the principles of long-term growth to establish His true church, not just isolated Christians.

We must be patient, ready to spend plenty of time making disciples.

But, at the same time, let’s dream big dreams for God! Let’s imagine what DMM will look like in our project area. Let’s imagine the first discovery groups. Let’s imagine the first groups which multiply to create other groups.

Let’s imagine when the first  people decide to become real disciples of Jesus. Let’s imagine the first baptisms. Let’s imagine what it will look like when the new Christians get together to worship God, probably in someone’s home. Let’s imagine what that fresh, enthusiastic and dynamic worship will look like.

Let’s imagine, let’s imagine it all, let’s dream it all. Dream big dreams for God!

We need to be patient, ready to spend plenty of time making disciples, but we can dream!

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