He knows what He’s doing

A couple of weeks ago I went for a walk through the woods behind our flat. Although I chose to go out early in the day, it was already quite warm. At the top of the woods are a couple of fields, empty and unused.

On one edge of the field in the photo there is a tangle of bushes, small trees and brambles, at the back of the photo. Attacking this tangle with gusto was a man with a petrol strimmer.

I thought he was mad. It was hot, the field was unused and why on earth was he strimming the tangle of bushes and not the grass of the field itself? The field is not overlooked by any houses, so it’s not as if the neighbours would be complaining that the grass was not cut! What the man was putting so much energy into on a hot day made no sense at all to me. I walked on.

This morning I went that way again. I discocvered that what the man had been doing actually made perfect sense. In the field there is now a beautiful chestnut brown horse. In the tangled mess of bushes, brambles and small trees the man had carefully strimmed a network of paths and areas, so the horse has somewhere shady to go when it gets hot.

The man with the strimmer knew exactly what he was doing. I felt a bit of a fool for criticising him (in my head!) so soundly on that previous day.

How often do we look at things that happen in our lives and say “Look, God, this makes no sense at all! I don’t think you know what you are doing!” Oh, but God always knows exactly what He is doing with us and one day, sometimes sooner, sometimes later, we will understand.

In this and in other ways I can see that God is encouraging me to trust Him more, question Him less and let Him be in charge. He really does know what He is doing!

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