A song for Montdidier

Last Saturday, 30 March, Joanna and I went to Montdidier to do some more prayer walking. We had a great time: the sun was shining and we were really encouraged in prayer.

Whilst walking and praying, the Lord gave me a song, which I felt was particularly for the town of Montdidier. It was initially in English, with the title A day full of wonder:

A day full of wonder,
A day full of joy,
The day when we see
Your Holy Spirit fall…
Holy Spirit, fall…
Right here.

Come Holy Spirit and fall in this place,
Come in your power and mercy and grace.
Push back the darkness and let in the light,
Yes, we are ready, we’re ready to fight…


Click here for a recording of the English version.

I then created a French version, with some changes to make the song work, with the title Un jour plein de merveille:

Un jour plein de merveille,
Un jour plein de joie,
Le jour quand on voit
Ton Saint-Esprit tombe…
Saint-Esprit, tombe…

Viens cher Saint-Esprit et tombe en ce lieu,
Viens en ta puissance, ton amour, ta grâce ;
Repousse les ténèbres, laisse entrer l’éclat,
Nous sommes préparés, prêts pour le combat.


Click here for a recording of the French version.

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