Spring Is Here

Spring has definitely arrived here in the Oise and it’s beautiful. There are bluebells…

…and spring lambs…

…and the oilseed is flowering brilliantly (the Church you can see is that of Rémérangles, where we are staying):

Here is a view of the three dominant landmarks of Clermont, from left to right: the ruined castle, the Church and the Mairie (town hall):

Near Bresles, a larger village close to us, is one of many hills which has the name of Mont César (or Camp César sometimes); here is the view from near the summit:

These hills are the sites, real or (perhaps often) alleged, of camps or forts built by the Romans. The forests of the Southern Oise are simply breathtaking:

To celebrate Joanna’s birthday we visited Compiègne, a town to the East of here. The forest comes up to the Southern edge of the town and there is a wonderful viewpoint back to the town:

Later that day we went to Pierrefonds…

…where there is an extravagant fairytale château:

Just in case you think it’s all play and no work, we had an interesting afternoon of training recently for the festival which the Church in Clermont is putting on next weekend (6/7 May). Chris got into the spirit of the occasion…

We are encouraged by all that God is doing here, but the spiritual situation is very much like this:

A green shoot of life and vitality, growing strongly, in a sea of spiritual death and decay. We need more shoots, more life, springing up all over the Oise, the Somme and all of France. God is moving — keep praying!

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