Settled In The Oise

We had a stress-free journey back to France on 29 March and found our new temporary accommodation easily: a gîte (holiday cottage) in the village of Rémérangles, about 15 minutes from the small town of Clermont in the Oise département.

The gîte, shown above, is comfortable and we quickly made it home. It is part of a working farm, right in the centre of the village. Chris would love to have a go with the farmer’s “boy’s toys” but sadly he doesn’t leave the keys in them…

Here’s the view south from the edge of the farm out over the countryside:

Here we are on the plateaux of Picardie, with wide open views. Clermont marks the start of the forested valleys of the Oise, which extend southwards towards Paris. You can just see the line of forest on the horizon in the photo above.

Below is the village church on the left and the rather splendid Mairie (town hall) on the right: not bad for a village of just 215 inhabitants (in 2014)! Below is the main street.

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