O frabjous day! Callooh! Callay!

Joanna exited the bathroom in an excited state. She could hardly contain her joy. “The heating’s come on!” she exulted.

Like a very significant part of Massy, we are on the communal heating system, or chauffage collectif, which provides hot water and also heating. Except the heating is turned off in the Spring. As described earlier, the hot water goes off for about a week in August too, so they can clean the system. It’s all done through giant rubbish incinerators on the outskirts of town. Not a bad idea.

We naively thought that the heating would return sometime in September, probably in the middle of the month at the latest. Nope. OK, end of September then. Nope. To be fair, September was unseasonably warm and we didn’t need heating… but the last week or so has been getting chilly. We’re back in fleeces and jackets outdoors, after weeks and weeks of me in particular only wearing a T-shirt.

So the news of the arrival of the chauffage has indeed made our day beautifully frabjous 🙂

(The title is from from Jaberwocky by Lewis Carroll.)

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