Sharing, Learning, Encouragement: Great Weekend!

We’ve had a really excellent weekend, God is so good.

On Saturday we spent the day with our lovely friends Doc & Carol on a day trip to Dourdan.


This mediaeval town is only a 35 minute bus ride from Massy, but is deep in the forested countryside. Click the picture below to enlarge it and practice your French with the town description!

dourdanIt was market day, so the whole town was bustling:

dourdanmarket dourdanstreetFor Joanna and I it was an encouraging time as this an example of exactly the type of small town in which we want to plant Churches. There was lots going on and so many potential opportunities to share the love of Jesus.

After a wander round, we had an excellent lunch at a very original and friendly little restaurant called Les Gens:


To work off our lunch we toured the Château and its museum.

Of course by then we needed tea and patisserie, which we found in a pleasant café in the main square. Aaaah.

Coincidentally, the preacher at our Church in the evening was our friend Bernard, who lives near Dourdan. We’re encouraging him to plant a Church there… 🙂 His helpful message was about patience.

This afternoon we visited Église Impulsion in Paris, where we had the thrill and joy of witnessing two young French people get baptised. The people were mostly in their twenties and thirties, with lots of visitors for the baptisms. There was a real sense of the presence of the Holy Spirit. After a very clear Gospel message, a number of people indicated they wanted to give their lives to Jesus, which was fantastic! We liked the relaxed, non-religious, warm and slightly disorganised, organic feel to the gathering. Praise God for all He is doing in France!

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