Roy: An Exceptional Example

We received news yesterday that a dear friend went to be with Christ a few days ago. His long life (well over 90 years) was full and rich in unselfish service for the Kingdom of God.

I had the privilege of twice serving with Roy in leadership roles in our Church in London: once when we were both elders, and again when the Church was in a difficult time of transition.

He was always humble, calm, measured and loving in discussions. I’m afraid some of the rest of us (me included) were not always so calm! He always seemed able to see others’ points of view and was always willing to try his best to find a way forwards.

One of the things which amazed me was that his age (over 80 at those times) did not prevent him from being open to new ideas and new ways of doing things. Whilst always strongly holding to the Bible, he seemed to me to have a refreshingly loose hold on tradition.

I pray that God will help me to keep learning from Roy’s truly exceptional example. I’ll miss him, but am glad that he has been spared suffering and now has his reward.

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