Back To The Fray

We’ve been back home in Massy for nearly two weeks now. We settled back into life here very easily, picking up our old rhythms.

It’s been quite a busy time. Joanna has remained in the same class, with the same teachers, but it’s a lot smaller and she has a couple of new colleagues. I am in a new class, with a number of new colleagues, and new teachers.

I’m just at the beginning of level B2, which means mostly consolidating, nuancing and adding to what I’ve already learnt, rather than acquiring whole new chunks of grammer. My new teachers have different teaching styles to the previous ones, more laid back perhaps. This seems to suit the level we’re at. One benefit is that whilst the stuff we’re learning is useful and helpful, it’s not absolutely vital, which takes some of the stress off.

I was able to preach in the school’s “all-together” service on 6 September. God gave me a very specific message which a number of students told me they found helpful, which was encouraging!

On Saturday (10th) I was also preaching at our Church, battling through a heavy cold which I’ve had for a week or so now. The cold has kept me off school today (there’s only so much nose-blowing, sneezing anc coughing I can reasonably ask my fellow-students to put up with!).

I saw on the news today that our Prime Minister, Manuel Valls, has said that the security services here in France are stopping terror plots and dismantling terror networks every day. A planned attack at Notre Dame was recently stopped. How much our country needs, desperately needs, to know about the love and forgiveness of Jesus. Please keep praying for France…

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