Flashbacks: From 2014

I’ve been reading back through some of my notes made over the time when we were working out how God wanted us to come to France and what it might all look like. Here are some items from the latter part of 2014. For something to make it into my notes, I need to have felt quite strongly that this was something God was telling me, so they are not idle speculations but strong burdens.

23 July 2014

In prayer this morning had a real sense that God is now preparing the people who will work with us in France, He is beginning to call, to get ready, to work in lives, to hone skills, to instruct Pastors and Elders and Leaders to be ready to let these people go into God’s service. Hallelujah!

25 September 2014

“Speak into my heart, Jesus.”

“If you ask me to speak into your heart I will. But don’t expect my words to be comfortable words. I will speak fire and wind and raging storm into your heart. I will challenge you to the total depth of yourself, of your entirety, as you have never been challenged before. So, shall I speak?”

“Speak into my heart, Jesus.”

12 December 2014

With regard to France, felt God encouraging me today that He does have a specific plan for us that is specific to us: it’s not His plan for someone else, it may not look like His plan for anyone else at all, but it’s His plan that He has determined and put together for us. So we should not worry or fret that what happens, the directions, the actions, the places and times, the people and organisations, may be different to what we see God doing with others: that’s for them, God’s plan for us is for us.

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