Massy Life

A couple of snapshots of life here in Massy…

First off, keen cyclists will be pleased to know that cycle lanes and cycle paths are common throughout the town. Here is one example of a cycle lane on a street very close to our flat:


Yep, that is showing the full length of the cycle lane: the two photos are taken from opposite ends of the lane.

And here is the full width of the lane, measured against my size 9 foot!


Herbs1On a very positive note, scattered around the town are boxes like this one, or similar, with herbs planted up. The sign says “Food to share” and it is indeed free for all to use.

This box includes sage and rosemary.

What a brilliant idea!




I have identified my own secret supply of rosemary, though, in a concrete planter behind our flats:

Herbs2If life gets tough, at least we’ll have free herbs to eat. What else could we forage for? Dandelion salad, anyone? Nettle soup in the autumn, perhaps?

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