A Memory


The sun shines fiercely. It’s hot, very hot. All around me I see men wearing the white thawb (or dishdasha), their bare sandaled feet kicking up dust from the path. The air is filled with the unmistakable sound of Arabic. The men joke, discuss, argue, taunt, voices rising and falling as the sun continues to beat. Women form groups with the children, black abayat dresses enveloping them, voices quieter.

A memory from when I used to work in the Middle East as a geologist, perhaps, well over 30 years ago?

No, it’s simply the end of Friday prayers at Massy’s big central mosque today. People are streaming out homewards, I am on my way back from the supermarket. A powerful reminder that there are ten times as many Muslims in France as there are Evangelical Christians.

Please pray for France: so so many people need to know the love of Jesus. So many have never heard His message of grace and forgiveness. They have never understood that they can know for 100% sure that they are destined for eternal life with God. Free, without payment, without works, without endless anguished hoping that they have done enough ‘good’ to qualify for a place in  heaven.

Please, do pray!

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