A Time Of Goodbyes

Today was the last day of term, which concluded with a special goodbye service for those who have finished their time at École des Cèdres, our language school.

It was a time of sadness, as we’ll miss people who we have got to know and to appreciate over the last few months. But it was also a time of joy and wonder: we are so thrilled to see God working in the lives of people from different countries and different backgrounds. It is wonderful to see so many answering God’s call.

I think of a young woman who Joanna and I have got to know a little better just recently, who is bound for a desert country to work with nomads. One possibility is that she might live as part of a nomad family for perhaps six months at a time, moving around with them, living their life, sharing the love of Jesus in perhaps the most intimate way possible. What courage, what committment!

Others will be working amongst students in France: what a massive need there is and what a huge opportunity. I remember another young woman, French, who shared recently how she became a Christian at University because of the quiet yet powerful life-witness of a fellow-student, whilst at the same time she was reading the Koran and being pressured to convert to Islam.

These sad and joyous goodbye times will become a regular feature of our lives over the coming months, as term follows term. Then, one day, it will be our turn…

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