Flat Reworked!

We were very pleased to be given permission to move the furniture round in our studio flat. Here’s the new layout:

flatrevised1flatrevised2No more gymnastics for Chris as he climbs into bed! We’ve gained space in useful places and lost a bit where it doesn’t matter.

Here’s a panorama from our little balcony (click to enlarge it):

PanoramaFromFlatThe Mairie (town hall) is on the left, behind the small lake is the Salle des fêtes, owned by the council (would be lovely for Church meetings but permission has not been forthcoming). On the right is a Japanese restaurant (we’ve not visited, may be a bit expensive for us!) and behind is one of the railway lines (which we rarely hear).

There’s a path round the  lake which is nice for a few minutes fresh air.

God has really blessed us with where we live: it’s pleasant, convenient and very close to one of the stations (Massy-Verrières), from which we can get right to the heart of Paris, or even up to Charles de Gaulle airport.

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