Exploring Massy

It’s time to catch up with some news and information about our new home! Here’s a few photos…

PlaceVictorSchoelcherThe open area just next to our flats is Place Victor Schoelcher, this is a statue dedicated to him: he worked in the 19th Century for the abolition of slavery.


This is our nearest boulangerie (bakery), just a couple of minutes walk away. Unfortunately they are closed at weekends, so for our Sunday morning breakfast treat (pain au chocolat or pain aux raisins) I need to walk a couple of minutes further on: what a hardship!

lookingbackLooking back from the Place, our flats are on the left.

marcheA minute or so further on is the central market, open Thursdays and Sunday mornings; this is the direction we walk to get to Les Cèdres. The market is very small with only a few stalls.

centreThe centre of the old town, looking back towards the Catholic Church: the tower is all that remains of the original building, a new building next door is used for services.

flatsrouteFlats on our route to school. Some friends from Les Cèdres live here.


Here we turn left onto voie de Wissous. There’s a nice big sign for Centre Evangélique!


The entrance to Les Cèdres, our language school.

maindoorThe main door; the Church area is on the right.





Below: the entrance foyer, looking out (taken before the Christmas decs came down).

foyernormandieThis is Joanna’s classroom: Salle Normandie.


And Chris is next door in Salle Bretagne.

groundsThe grounds are full of cedar trees, hence the name.

2 thoughts on “Exploring Massy”

  1. Hi Chris,

    Good to see you and Joanna are settling in to French and academic life. Although the market in Massy might be small at the moment, if it is anything like our area, come the warmer weather it will probably fill the Place du Marche.

    Thanks for the information about Schoelcher; there is a bus stop with that name in Gueret, and I wondered who he was and what he did (I should have googled him!) but now I know!!

    Trust that all is going well with your studies.

    Yours in Christ,

    Jim scott


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