Flashback: Spring/Summer 2014, Moving Forwards

After all our research into international mission agencies, and coming to the conclusion in May 2014 that God was leading us to work with a French denomination or organisation, rather than an international agency, we were finally able to move forwards.


We were pretty sure that God wanted us to spend a year learning French properly, in France. And we were pretty sure that He wanted us to do that at the Les Cèdres Christian language school at Massy, in the South-West suburbs of Paris. So in June 2014 we contacted Les Cèdres and began a discussion about going there to study.

Everything turned out to be very straightforward and we were able to eventually get ourselves booked onto a 12-month intensive course beginning in January 2016, and also fixed up with accommodation in a tiny studio flat 10 minutes walk from the language school.

All of this was very encouraging for us, as it helped to confirm that we were moving forwards in the path God had planned for us. Back in April 2014 we very much felt God was telling us to simply trust Him, to trust Him simply, and stop trying to work it all out for ourselves. Simply trust… trust simply. Thank you, Lord: got it!

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