Church As Team

In a football team, it is the job of each player to be completely aware of where all the other members of your team are on the pitch.


You have the ball. Should you take it up the field yourself? If you do, and someone comes in to tackle you, will there be any team-members nearby you can pass the ball to? Will they in turn be able to pass it? Or maybe you’d be better to pass the ball right now. How? Forwards, sideways, or backwards (where there might be more of your team)?

We need to be completely aware of all the other members of our team, our local Church: where are they, what direction are they running in?

Who can help me? Who can I pass the ball to? Who needs some help? How can the team succeed (rather than me get my moment of glory)?

We don’t tend to think of Church as Team. We think of leadership teams or welcome teams or tea/coffee teams, but not of Church as Team or Home Group as Team. I think we ought to think about this concept rather more and see how it applies to the local Church.

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