It’s All About You, Lord!

Coming back from our prayer time at Church this morning, this song popped into my heart (not one we’ve ever sung at our Church I don’t think):

Singing as I shaved and showered (you have to careful singing while you shave!), it came fresh to my heart that everything we do is (or should be) about our God, about His Glory, about His Kingdom, about His Name.

It’s not about us, not our glory, not about our group or Church or denomination, not about our fame or renown but about the Fame of our Lord God!

Let’s make His name famous! Let’s make every effort to push His Kingdom forwards! Because He, He alone, is worthy of all praise.

He, alone, is worthy to receive the sacrifice of our lives, our selves, in totality. In Him and in Him only is fulfilment and peace and joy; never in our goals and plans and selfish desires. Only when we release ourselves, surrender ourselves, totally to Him.

Lord God, Father, Son and Holy Spirit, we declare to You that You are Alpha and Omega in our lives, in our Church, to You we give all the praise, for You alone are worthy.

En français:

Tu es Alpha et Omega
Nous T’adorons, Seigneur
Tu es digne de louange

Nous Te rendons la gloire
Nous T’adorons, Seigneur
Tu es digne de louange

Here’s an audio version in French:

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