Praying Together

On 21 January 2014, Joanna and I had our first evening of prayer as a couple for France. Since then we’ve been praying together for France one evening a week, which has been an immense blessing to us, drawing us closer to the country and its people, over more than a year now. Recently we have been starting our France prayer evenings with a time of song worship in French, which encourages us in God and in our language learning!

Very soon after we began going out together we decided that we wanted to pray together regularly, so we started what we called “D&P” once a week, standing for “Dinner and Prayer.” We can thoroughly recommend this as a really great way to have a date! It certainly helped us keep our relationship centred on Jesus as we grew together, both before and after we got married. One of the benefits is that it gives us a regular time to talk through lots of things in God’s presence.

If you’re part of a couple and are not yet praying together regularly, please do give it a go: it’s fantastic!

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