The Next Step

Having sounded out our missionary friends about our thoughts, the next step was to chat to the lead Elder of our Church and get his input. On Sunday 10 November 2013 we asked Andrew if we could meet with him to ask his advice about something (we didn’t say what).

We were able to get together the very next day and tell Andrew that we felt God was calling us to go to France to get involved in Church planting work, and the journey we’d been on so far. I was wondering if Andrew had understood us correctly, as he showed not the slightest bit of surprise, in any way, as we explained…

He then explained that God had told him the day before that Chris and Joanna would be going into mission work! It was not something that we had ever mentioned as a possibility before (not least because it was not something we’d ever thought about before).

That was such an encouragement, as was (and is!) Andrew’s 100% support, as well as that of the other Elders and of our Mission Committee Chair.

Step by step, God was leading us forwards.



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