Dieu de Justice / God of Justice


This is the official French version of Tim Hughes’ song God of Justice.

I actually prefer this French  version, partly because the words are more positive, more definite. Here’s the chorus, in French then a (rough!) English translation from the French:

Nous irons nourrir les affamés
Soutenir les blessés
En ton nom
Nous avançons plus loin que nos chansons
Conduis-nous dans l’action
En ton nom

We will go to feed the hungry
To support the wounded
In your name
We are moving further than our songs
Lead us into action
In your name

See what I mean? “We will go…,“We are moving…”

France is full of the spiritually hungry, of those who are wounded by sin and by life. We have to go, we cannot ignore the call.

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