Are We Called?

Refer to this post to find out how our journey to France began. I’ve been looking back through my prayer diaries and it seems to have been in late September 2013 that my prayers moved from “What do You want us to do, Lord?” to “Is France where you want us?” In early November, my prayers moved from “Is it France?” to “God, please move in France!”


One of the first things we did at that time (November 2013) was talk to some trusted Christian friends: two couples who knew us well and were also themselves involved in mission work. Our immediate concern was whether we were being unrealistic, mainly because of our age (right now I am 57 and Joanna is… a number of years younger!). Have we left it too late to make a meaningful contribution? Are we crazy to think we can do this?

Both couples said that we weren’t too old, that we weren’t any more crazy than they were, and that there was no reason we couldn’t make a useful contribution. That seemed to be a green light to push the door some more and try to move our plans forwards…

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